Monday, September 26, 2011

Conversations with 4 year olds

Him: "Mom, know what I was thinking bout today? How you keep a tight schedule. I just discovered that."

Me: "Oh, really! Do you know what that means?" (meanwhile my mouth is gapping open and I am completely grinning from ear to ear)

Him: "Yeah, it means you keep things on time. I knew this in my head on my own."

Me: "I love you so much buddy."

Him: "To the moon and back and around again, right mom?"

Seriously he kills me with the things he says. A few minutes later Ellie was "naying" like a horse as she does half of her waking hours lately. Luke said, "Ellie, you know that, um, Momma, you know that little store. You know that one?"

Me: "Um, no what store?"

Him: "The one with the costumes and balloons and worker things and fishing stuff and toys?"

Me: "The Dollar Store?"

Him: "YES! They have a big one and a little one, and the next time we go der with Gramma Center I'm gonna get a horse to be like Elle!"

A few hours later in the tub he had his hand on Ellie's leg and there was this:
"MOM! Ellie has HAIR on her leg! Mom do you see THIS?! It's hair!! When I grow up I am going to grow hair just like John."

Me: "John who?"

Him: "Um Momma, he's my dad you silly!"

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