Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lately: Princesses and horses

My mom surprised little Miss Ellie with a hand-me-down Disney Princess trunk full of costumes, crowns that light up and magic wands that make noise. Ellie is in heaven to say the least. I've tried to slip in here and there that the Princess' are strong enough and smart enough to save themselves from the tall castle towers but she usually tells me, "Oooh? Prince come on horse right? Neighhh"

We gave in and let her pretend to be Cinderella for the day at the babysitter's house. She owned it, and never took it off all day.
She is as obsessed with horses as she is with the Disney Princess metropolis. She tells us to say, "Is there a horse in the house?" and then she runs around the house in circles yelling "neigh!" over and over telling us to watch her be a pink horse. She asks for carrots and apples and chomps on the air gnawing away on her imaginary horsey food.

Here she is with a horse-pizza-birthday-party that she entertained herself with for hours on Sunday afternoon.
After the pizza apparently it turned into what she called, "the animal house party".
A little up close detail of the party-goers. Looks like the tub is the place to be.

And just because, this is what happens to Luke when he eats too much broccoli.


Andrea said...

OMG, I'm dying. "Animal house party"! And Luke's face! Tell him it's better with cheese sauce...

John said...

Nice...I havn't seen the doll house pictures.