Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Luke, like all four year olds, wakes up full of awesome pretty much everyday. He has figured out the DVD player, knowing that if he presses the triangle his show will play. When it works he fist-pumps the air, jumps and shouts "yes!" It is pretty sweet to see how proud he is when he does something right, the confidence of his independence is intoxicating.

Today as we were driving to get Ellie after school I said, "Hey buddy what do you think about corn on the cob for dinner?" He fist-pumped on cue and said, "and can we have chicken with it?" That was the plan and just as I said, "absolutely!" He exclaimed, "YES! I was thinking about that at rest time today. Thanks mom for making my favorite dinner."

I so need more fist-pumps in my day, thanks Luke for the enthusiasm for life.

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