Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Can we have a wedding today?"

Last night Ellie looked at our wedding picture during dinner and said, "mama? Do we have a wedding to go to tomorrow?" Sadly we did not. She said she wanted to wear her pretty dress and maybe I could get married and we could have a party. It got all kinds of confusing when she thought it would be great if I married my brother and Luke, trying to help her understand how these things work ended up very frustrated that she didn't get any of it. In her mind she had one goal: wear a pretty dress.

So after we ran our errands she insisted on getting dressed up. And then she asked John to marry her. In the kitchen. Twas a lovely ceremony. They exchanged rings, one light up squishy pink ring for him and a purple heart one for her, kissed and had their first dance.

Ironically enough, the groom wore white.

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