Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My mama-pride needs to document these moments. It's amazing to me that last week he could barely sit up and this week, poof he's sitting!

That's my boy!

Here's the latest run-down on his excellency:)

He can for the most part hold his bottles

He makes daddy beam when he babbles Da-Da

He laughs at himself when he claps his hands and they make noise!

He can produce enough drool to hydrate an Army

Last but not least he can wave Bye-Bye, but it's backwards...he waves to himself and maybe he's just opening and closing his hands (or maybe we're delusional proud parents), but he does it at the perfect moment when we're saying Hi and Bye.

He can cuddle with the best of them!

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Amanda said...

Good for you. I think we often underestimate them. I love reading how you are devouring every moment of this time. It just keeps getting better!