Monday, January 28, 2008


John starts his new job next week (yay for him!) so to celebrate this new chapter, we're taking Thursday off to fulfill his "ditch-day dream". Seemingly, the adult version of Senior Skip Day, but we're not literally skipping work, just checking out of our routine for eight hours.

Every morning he asks me in the same dry tone, "you goin' to work today?"

"yup" I say, "you?"

"nah, i'm heading to Crossgates to catch a movie..."

Every. Morning. For the past four years.

So this Thursday it is. We're actually heading to Crossgates to catch that movie, but I get to call lunch, so we're classing it up a bit with Ravenous on Phila Street in 'Toga town. I'm sure there'll be some obscure stop along the way.

"The question isn't what are we going to do today? It's what aren't we going to do?!"-Ferris Bueller

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Andrea said...

Ah, awesome quote! I'm totally jealous of your Skip Day, even though I don't work the 9-to-5 anymore! Have a wonderful day together.