Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Are you pregnant?"

We spent the weekend doing house chores and babysitting the nephews, napping and debating what to do with our house (again) and by 6pm with no dinner plans in sight we decided to head to The Harvest for a cheap night out. It was completely packed with summer tourists and locals alike, we were handed a vibrating buzzer thing and told it would only be about a 10-15 minute wait. Not too bad we thought and headed outside to wait on the stoop rather than wait inside getting bumped in the bump. As we stood there Luke greeted and smiled at the oncomers and those heading home with their doggy bags. One lady exited the door with her daughter, son, and mother, they were all in their Sunday best and as she held the door for her mother she whispered to me while looking at my expansive stomach, "are you pregnant?"

"Uhh, yeah!" I laughed, kind of like, are you kidding? I'm totally pregnant, LOOK at me woman!

She proceeds to tell me how I need to hire a doula.

"Oh, yeah, thanks, but it'll be a planned c-section, so luckily I won't have to go through the pain of contractions."

"It doesn't matter, get one," she insists. "Or at least hire a student, they're cheap and even free."

Okay. Sure thanks again.

Then her mother passes me by, John was holding Luke. She exclaims, "that's the best age and to be pregnant to boot, what a blessing. I was like that for many years, I had 11 kids."

Her granddaughter quips, "yeah, she's a machine!"

So I retort with, "Two is enough for me, I can't imagine 11."

The grandmother leaves with, "well back in my day you could afford 11, you couldn't today, nope, not today, you just couldn't do it."

And so the strangers with pregnancy advice begins. Thankfully I've seemed to avoid it the past 7 months.

A) What if I actually wasn't pregnant and was otherwise infertile with a distended stomach? You NEVER know.

B) What if I actually was pregnant with sextuplets, that would make 7 kids, could you "do" 7 kids in today's world? Or would we be destitute and up a crick?

C) Am I just being overly punchy?

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