Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Fabulous Life of Luke

He can sleep like a rock for almost 12 hours straight. I'm lucky if I get 7 solid uninterrupted hours. Maybe I need to wear Depends to bed. Okay maybe not.

He thinks it's fun to tear through all of the clean and folded clothes that never made it farther than the couch or in the laundry basket 'cause that's either already full of clean clothes or he's using it as a fort for his toys. Pretty sweet.

He literally shovels food in his mouth. At least he's being polite and trying to use it as a spoon.

His little sandal shoes have officially mixed in with ours. I glanced over at the shoe pile and noticed this the other day. Once again it is eye opening to see your childs shoes, not booties or Robeez, but his shoes sitting next to yours. On our evening walk tonight John said, "Do you think we're in the stage of our life where everyday is the same as the last but the time speeds by faster than we realize? Like we're going to wake up tomorrow and Luke's going to be asking for the car keys and Ellie's going to want money for the mall." The first year has seemed that way, I feel like it was just yesterday that we were keeping track of how many times he nursed, pooped and peed and then today I walk into the living room to find my son standing in the middle of room, pointing at me and sternly telling me, "no!" Whoosh. It's flying and only going to go faster. We're anticipating bumps and hanging on for all of the new milestones to come.

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Amanda said...

Hang on. As everyone and their mother will tell you, it flies. But here's the thing, if you breathe and let yourself just be there, every once in a while someone, somewhere turns a switch, and Amy, oh I promise, it slows and you can go and tuck ringlets behind ears and press your lips against sweaty foreheads. You can step into the moment and let it press deep against your soul and there you'll have it, more indelible than any photo.