Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where's The Baby?

We've been trying to talk to Luke about "the baby". He really has no clue what a baby is or how it's impending arrival is going to affect his life. We show him my belly and have him put his hands on it, he slobbers on it, sticks his finger in my belly button and laughs hysterically.

When I got home from work today I asked him if he wanted to say hi to the baby, he cruised over to me as I lay on the floor amongst all of his toys and open mouth kissed my big 'ole belly, we both laughed and shrieked and the baby kicked. She was I'm sure, rudely awakened from her slumber. I moved on to cooking dinner and entertaining him, with bouts of disciplining him and keeping him away from the stove, outlets and tv buttons. These things have recently become the most fascinating items in our house. As he stood in the corner looking sheepishly at me, but still grinning I asked him where the baby was and he stuck out his belly, rubbed it like a buddha and laughed.

Too cute!

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Amanda said...

I liked telling Briar how she was my first baby, always my first no matter what.