Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again

The water was sparkling, the wind was whipping through our hair, Luke was all asmiles at the waves, the ducks that followed us, and the general bobbing and floating that is a boat ride on The Queen aka Lake George.

There I sat taking in all of his expressions of glee and worry, of true happiness at watching his dad jump off the boat for a dip, and of his little sweaty body, stiff as could be in his life vest snuggle next to me to catch a few moments of shut eye. I took the pictures in my mind because you guessed it, I left the camera at home. It as a gorgeous day spent with friends and a few unforgettable hours aboard the Camp Burleigh Boat. Luke in a life vest is just too adorable for words, priceless I tell you and you'll have to take my word for it this time.

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Amanda said...

We need a dose of Luke at the office.