Sunday, March 6, 2011

B is her BFF

Ellie loves her B. It goes everywhere with her, just like the book. B has a life of her own, so far Ellie has told us the following about B: "B's catchin' butterflies", "B's sad", "shhhh! B takin a nap", "B awake!", "B NOT in the wash", "B happy". She reminds me often that B is NOT in the wash and looks at me like, "don't you even think about it woman." She puts B in her dolly stroller and walks her around the house, she eats her meals with B draped over the back of her chair, and of course they sleep together.

Tonight she threw B a birthday party with her dollhouse in attendance.

She sang songs with B.

She hugged B when the party ended.

The two are really tight. I swear she's installed a tracking device on B.

B kind of smells like wet dog. It's rank, and the emotional roller coaster of giving B a "bath" is enough to put us all on Xanax. I try to sneak B off to the basement for a wash without her knowledge and sometimes it works but lately she is not having it.

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