Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter undoldrums

We started the weekend with Luke waking up Ellie from her Friday afternoon nap. Cuteness ensued.

Saturday we ventured to Target in the evening for a little fun. Luke fell asleep on the way there and Ellie wasn't far behind. It was a bit like the blind leading the blind.

On Sunday after an hour of grocery shopping I asked Luke some sort of Yes/No question as I put him in the car. His response to me was plain as day, "Mom, does a bear go potty in the woods?" Ummm, my mouth dropped open. Where did he hear this? He laughed at me and I just busted out laughing at him and then he said, "tonight is going to be a silly night Mama." Oh dear.

He was right, it was a silly night. He broke out the Wii and got into a down and dirty boxing match with John. They moved on to bowling after Luke's turtleneck wearing had him in a full body sweat. Ellie played at their feet with her dolls and B as John kept yelling to Luke to "press B" as in the button on the controller, which caused Ellie to yell at him, "I got B! I got B! I got B!"

Crazy, silly times.

Also, our real camera is on the fritz if you can't tell:)

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