Thursday, March 3, 2011

But I like YOU mom

Random, non-sensical mom moment.

John and I have a double date tomorrow night with our best "couple" friends. The plan is to have my nephew babysit, he's pretty much a hero in Luke's eyes and so far we've yet to have any issues when he watches our kids. After school today I was telling Luke that Jake was going to come over tomorrow night and this ensued:

Luke: But Mawm, I want you and dad. I don't want you to go out.

Me: But Luke, you have so much fun with Jacob. I'll be home for dinner and then we'll have bathtime and get ready for bed. You like when he comes over to play.

Luke: But Mawm. I like YOU. I want you and dad to put me to bed.

Me: waxes euphoric on the need for mom and dad to have time away from home with our friends. Pretty much think he heard the lady from Peanuts. What wah wah wah.

Luke: Today in school we didn't go to the gym Mawm. And I didn't eat my snack. I need a drink Mawm. Where's my Matchbox car? Are we going to pick up dad? What's for dinner tonight? Can we have Panera Bread soup?

Game over.

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