Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone's your friend in New York City

John's brother Timothy came to visit from Seattle in late May. We hadn't seen him since our wedding which was 6 years ago. He has two boys, one who was born a few months before Luke. We had a big family party to welcome him home and he doled out Seattle t-shirts to all of his nephews and spared one little lady shirt for Ellie, the lone girl in the sea of boys.
He showed Jack and Luke pictures of their cousins Milo and Liam and the things they do around Seattle, like the bubblegum wall. They thought that was hilarious, I thought it was kind of nasty.

He read Luke bedtimes stories and they bunked together for two nights.

We took the train to NYC with him for a quick day trip as he was leaving for home via Newark airport.

We strolled through the High Line and marveled at the green space that literally hovers over the city.

We ate lunch at John's Pizzeria on Bleeker Street. This here is their "money shot". Two peas in a pod, these two.
We high-tailed it back to Penn Station in a crazy cab ride. Luke was both terrified and thrilled by the whole thing.
And then it was time for the good-byes. There were some tears, big hugs and wishes for less time between visits.

Then we contemplated a subway ride but were about to meet-up with an old friend and former roommate of mine so we opted out of that and just as we were heading to meet her, Luke fell asleep.

It was a successful trip for sure, but Luke has told us that he much prefers Glens Falls to New York City. Although he does know all of the words to the song. Thanks for enjoying the ride with us L-Train.

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