Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dance Par-Tay

John got a new iPod for Christmas and has since subjected me and Bubby to his favorite playlists, a random mix of tunes from Cake to George Harrison to the Superman theme song. We've started having dance parties with Luke in the living room after dinner. Yes we are geeks, but he laughs so hard and thinks it's so fun. Or maybe he's just laughing AT us.

Here's a peak into the Stevens family "after-dark"!


Luke'sDad said...

That's great dancing! Way to go!

Andrea said...

I say we just keep leaving comments on each others' blogs and forget the phone conversations!!

Just kidding. But as you know, I'm a lazy phone person, so don't feel bad that we haven't talked yet!

I just want to tell you:
You. Are. My. Biggest. Fan.

(get it???)