Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Untied States

I was reading an article in HOW magazine a few years ago about major typos in publications. The author had read an article entitled "These Untied States", hence the title of this blog. We've all made mistakes, it happens. I met with an advertising sales rep for a local business journal this week. Their rates were a little out of my budget. As a non-profit I am always begging for cheap rates, printing discounts, any help is appreciated as my budget is extremely small. His rates were on the high side, like really, really high, especially for someone in my position. I asked about non-profit rates and media sponsorship. He said I needed to send him a form or paperwork that states that we truly are a non-profit, because you know there are some "non-profits" that claim to be, but really aren't. We're a non-profit, obviously right? I mean we're an art museum, a historic place, we're not a business, we don't sell, or make a product. And it's not like I was having a phone converstation with him, he was sitting in our conference room, he walked through the museum doors. But, Okay. Whatever.

So he emails me today with the information that I asked him for.

His response: "I talked with the publisher and we can offer you a non-prophet rate of......"

I was giggling uncontrollably as I read it. NON-PROPHET!


God bless these untied states.

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Amanda said...

That's delicious.