Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter doldrums. Read at your own risk.

Ugh. Luke has been sick for pretty much the entire month of January. This past week he's battled bronchiolitis, an ear infection and pink eye. His face is red, splotchy and crusty, but he's a trooper, always smiling and continuing to babble at us with gusto. Meanwhile, John and I have worked our way through 3 boxes of tissues and 3 rounds of antibiotics. That wasn't a typo, I've had 2 so far, he's still working on his 1. It's safe to say I started the chain-reaction of sickness. I'm ready to be free of tissues and the dry, scratchy, red patch of skin that has plagued the small area between the bottom of my nose and the tip of my lips. Oh yeah and breathing through my nose and tasting food would be nice. Sorry, this post will be riddled with self-pity. If you can't hang, get out.

On top of all of this, (*beware female talk on the horizon here*) I'm PMSing big time. Like major, horrific emotional rollercoaster. In reality I'm pacing the house wondering if I'm pregnant or if it is infact Aunt Flo about to settle in for her second visit since Septemeber 2006. See, I told you it was horrific and possibly too much info. Deal with it.

Watch out, vent is not over yet.

Work is lackluster. 'Nuf said there. Am I the only one in the house that can make the bed/do the dishes/cycle the laundry/Swiffer/vacuum/do general pick-up? Sorry hun, just sayin'. Winter is grating on my last nerve. I long for flip-flops and springy skirts. A vacation perhaps? Hmm, what's that? Fresh warm air, curtains blowing in a gentle spring breeze, birds chirping, flowers blooming, evening walks through the 'hood. *sigh* I hope my gym isn't closed today as I desperately need to go to strength training tonight. And yes you should feel bad for John, you think this post sucks, you should try to live with me. He's tried so hard to cheer me up and all I can reciprocate with is a pissed off glare. I feel like an angst-ridden 16 year old. I'm sorry, but I'm not.

Okay, I guess that's enough wallowing. It's time to take my son's advice and power through the tough stuff.

Thanks for listening, I feel better now. I'm off to take a hot shower and wash the doldrums away.


John shared this with me...oh holy shit! For some stupid reason I can't create a link...

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Amanda said...

Oh, this happens. To everyone, though, truth be told, you present such a serene I never would have guessed the capacity to bitch lurked within. Yay!

Here's hoping you got to the gym!